12A Cardinal Rd Hilton Head, SC 29926

              Phone: 843-842-3141

Hours: Monday - Saturday 12:30 - 5:30

             Sunday 12:00 - 4:00

                   Joe's Reserve Wine

The winemaker at Island winery is Joe Pass's niece. She is the daughter of Joe's brother Nick. Nick also lives in Hilton Head Island South Carolina and enjoys coming to the winery and talking with our guests. If you are a fan of Joe, please feel free to send an email before you come to the winery to see if Nick will be there!


Joe, Dave, Nick and Tony (Joe is in the back)


Nick and Venita

                   About The Wine

This wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Each wine was aged separately in French and American Oak for at least one year before blended together. The amount of each wine used in the blend varies each year depending on the characteristics of the grapes. We aim to make the wine big and bold they way Joe liked his wines!